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Machine production

The machine division produces and supplies parts as well as sub-sets on the basis of the supplied documentation.
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The production has a wide range of machining tools at its disposal.

  • Centre lathe
    • 200mm lengthØ25mm, turn diameter above frame 200mm
    • 1000mm lengthØ50mm, turn diameter above frame 450mm
    • 1000mm lengthØ60mm, turn diameter above frame 450mm
    • 2000mm lengthØ80mm, turn diameter above frame 630mm
  • Radial drilling machine
  • Horizontal boring and milling machine VH10NC
    • X=1250mm, Y=1000mm, Z=1000mm, W=400mm
  • Machining center QUICK MC1016
  • Segment surface grinding machine
    • X=1000mm, Y=300mm, Z=300mm
  • Magnetic grinding machine
    • X=1500mm, Y=400mm, Z=40 mm
  • Plain grinding machine
    • length 630mm Ø280mm
    • length 1100mm Ø280mm
  • Centreless grinding machine
    • length 200mm Ø4-125mm max. weight 15kg
  • Vertical milling machine
    • X=1250mm, Y=430mm, Z=475mm
  • Universal milling machine
    • X=600mm, Y=400mm, Z=400mm
    • X=800mm, Y=240mm, Z=360mm
  • NC milling machine
    • X=800mm, Y=450mm, Z=400mm
  • Slotting machine
    • lift=200mm, max. strength of the groove 12mm
  • Hydraulic press 250t
  • Eccentric press 100t, 20t, 5t
  • Shearing machine
    • length 1000mm, strength 3mm
    • length 2000mm, strength 3mm
    • length 3000mm, strength 10 mm
  • Plasma invertor
    • up to the strength of 20 mm
  • Band saw
    • do Ø210mm
  • Eccentric press brake
    • length 3000 mm, strength 6 mm
  • Welding aggregates
    • steel
    • stainless steel
    • aluminium
    • cooper

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