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E.S.H.&F. Production, s.r.o.

E.S.H.&F. Production, s.r.o. (Ltd.) continues with the tradition of more than 15 years of the company E.S.H.&F, spol. s r.o.. It manufactures dry transformers, chokes, coils and resistors and supplies them to both Czech and foreign market. The company offers tailored production of performance transformers and chokes ranging from individual pieces up to big series

Transformers are supplied within the range of 1000 VA to 250 kVA and transformers for feeding swimming pool appliances from 100 VA to 930 VA. The company ensures the design of ferrous and air chokes for various applications. Filtration, smoothing, damping, switching and compensation chokes.

E.S.H.&F. Production, s.r.o. Supplies coils of various designs and purposes. Coils on the structure and self-supporting coils manufactured on its own specification or the specification given by the customer. Rotor and stator coils for traction motors.

The production program includes machining of metal, manufacture of construction sub-sets and the completion of the sets.

Electrical Equipment Division

3f unicore-mini.jpg This division ensures manufacture of transformers, chokes, coils, resistors and other equipments according to the specific customer´s requirements concerning performance, design, branches, way of cooling, etc. The proposal for, and calculation of, the equipment is drawn up on the basis of the demand. In case of interest it is possible to deliver a 3D model in a whole range of formats compatible to the customer´s application. The production is not restricted to “catalogue” products, but we are able to produce also special transformers, chokes, resistors and resistance loads according to the specific needs of the customer.

Machine Division

příruba-mini.jpg This division offers the manufacture and machining of metal parts as well as the manufacture of sub-sets and more complicated units according to its own or supplied drawing documentation. The main types of machining are milling, turning, welding and grinding. The production ranges from small to big series.


91_ISO9001_rgb_120.jpg ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016

Certificat for Czech Railways ( České dráhy )

Certificate for welding ČSN EN ISO 3834 - 2 : 2006

Certificate for welding ČSN EN 15085 - 2 : 2008 ( Class CL1)

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