E.S.H.&F. Production, s.r.o - Power components


Components of heavy-current electrotechnics

The company supplies resistance frames, cylinders, coils on structures as well as self-supporting coils, main and auxiliary poles of traction motors, covers for transformers and chokes.

Examples of individual components

Kryt_IP_20.png Cover IP 20

Kryt_IP_23.png Cover IP 23

Kryt_IP_44.png Cover IP 44

Cívka_hranatá.png Coil on the structure

Cívka_kulatá.png Coil on the structure

Cívka_kulatá_dvojitá.png Double coil on the structure

pól_hlavní.png Traction motor main pole

pól_pomocný.png Traction motor auxiliary pole

odporový_rám.png Resistance Frame

odporový_váleček.png Resistance Cylinder

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