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Chokes with a ferrous core

as per standard ČSN EN 60 076 - 6

  • Compensation – a choke determined for parallel connection into the system with the purpose of compensating the capacity current
  • For the restriction of the current – a choke determined for serial connection into the system in order to restrict the current in case of defective states
  • Damping – a choke determined for serial connection with condensers for the restriction of the built-up current in the course of switching
  • Filtration – a choke determined for serial or parallel connection with condensers with the purpose of reducing, blocking or filtration of harmonious or commutation frequencies
  • Smoothing – a choke determined for restricting the circulation of harmonious currents and transient overcurrents in steady networks

Exemplary form of chokes with a ferrous core

Manufactured in various forms according to the client´s wish, arbitrary form of outlets, operational voltage of up to 6.3 kV, also a special version of chokes with screening

1F_tlumivka_Fe_průchozí.png 1F motor choke with a ferrous core

1F_tlumivka_Fe_kompenzační.png 1F compensation choke with a ferrous core

1F_tlumivka_Fe_ležatá_320_A.png 1F choke on glued core Unicore, horizontal form

1F_tlumivka_Fe_na_boku_150_A.png 1F choke on glued core Unicore, vertical form

1F_dvojtlumivka_Fe_350_A.png Special double air choke with screening, 2 x 350 A

1F_dvojtlumivka_Fe_700_A.png Special double air choke with screening, 2 x 700 A

3F_kompenzační_Fe_NN_tlumivka.png 3F compensation choke 5 kVAr

3F_kompenzační_Fe_NN_tlumivka_180_kVAr.png 3F compensation choke 180 kVAr

3F_kompenzační_Fe_NN_tlumivka_silová.png 3F motor choke 500 A

3F_kompenzační_Fe_VN_tlumivka.png 3F VN compensation choke - switching, 40 - 50 - 60 kVAr


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