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Resistors and resistance loads

  • The company supplies resistors on the basis of the customer´s requirements concerning performance, resistance, current, foiled energy and size.
  • The performance ranges from 100W to 250kW
  • Resistance units are supplied with forced or natural cooling.

Examples of resistance loads

odporová_jednotka_AN_IP_20.png Resistance unit in coverIP 20, natural cooling AN

odporová_jednotka_AN_IP_20_velká.png Resistance unit in cover IP20, natural cooling AN, performance-focused design

odporový_rám_s_držákem.png Resistance frame with its own stand

odporník_válečkový_IP_00.png Resistance unit withour cover (IP 00) composed of resistance cylinders

odporová_jednotka_AF_pojízdná.png Resistance unit with a travel and the switching-over of resistance values

odporová_jednotka_AF_delta.png Resistance unit with forced cooling by AF ventilator fan

odporová_jednotka_spirála.png Resistance spiral for higher currents in its own stand

odporový_váleček_v_držáku_2x.png Resistance cylinders with multiple holders

odporový_váleček_v_držáku_4x.png Resistance cylinders with multiple holders

odporový_rám.png Resistance frame

odporový_váleček.png Resistance cylinder +++

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